"Majestic songwriting, genuine authenticity, incredible insight"

- Americana , UK

"In the rough cut vein of Kelly Joe Phelps or Fred Eaglesmith, Tentrees is gifted"


Short Version


International touring award nominated Canadian Gordie Tentrees has arrived. This authentic road poet travels North America, Europe, Australia, UK & Ireland with 8 records behind him either solo or with legendary sideman Jaxon Haldane (famed Winnipeg band-D-Rangers) never repeating himself on stage. From Celtic Connections (Glasgow, Scotland) to the National Folk Festival (Canberra, AU) his ability to hold an audience, weave melody, while juggling the dark with the light is infectious. Performed 750 concerts in 11 countries during the past 4 years armed with 10 instruments, brotherly harmonies and masterful storytelling. Influenced by touring with friends Fred Eaglesmith, Mary Gauthier, Steve Poltz & Kelly Joe Phelps, Tentrees is just getting started. 



Long Version


Gordie was born in Hamilton, Ontario, the product of a colorful broken home raised on a family farm, then bounced around foster home homes finding focus in sport, even becoming a golden glove boxer. From the ring to the stage with stops in between as a school teacher  and youth worker,  grateful for every moment. "I feel fortunate to have had such unfortunate moments that have enabled me to become who I am on stage, or off, it's that healthy therapeutic high I was lucky to find" says Tentrees. "I got to write out my past, let go and define my future all through songs"

Not until the age of 24 when he moved to the Yukon did he start writing songs or perform. "I was always comfortable with words in a family of writers/poets that started with my  grandmother 70's west coast poet Rosemary Hollingshead and further enhanced by the stellar songwriting musicians den in Whitehorse. "My evolution with songwriting, guitar, harp playing is directly related to my focus as a boxer, I knew it would take 10,000 hrs to learn finger style guitar much like it took to throw the perfect hook in the ring" He explains. "Breaking down the process into small parts then building it up over endless repetition  hooked me on music.  Not having that previous experience training to be a fighter I would not have know this and likely quit, but I have no quit, essential for any folk singer today.  Being in the ring in front of an audience I was very comfortable performing music right away, the challenge has been learning how to be a musician which will never end for me" states Tentrees. 

In the early years Fred Eaglesmith took him on the road to Europe/UK and even a historic tour of Route 66 in the US from Chicago to Santa Monica  offering helpful advice and support with an early  introduction to the reality of the business of music while encouraging him to make own way. He has since shared the stage with Mary Gauthier, James Cotten, Steve Poltz, Fred Penner, Danny Michel, Blackie & Rodeo Kings and Kelly Joe Phelps studying every sound they made on and off the stage making his own noise. Real music from a very real guy. 

“Tentrees’ delivery is so relaxed and unpretentious it’s impossible to not get drawn into his world, sounding like a young John Prine”  NO DEPRESSION


“Very superior songs on a terrific album, heartfelt and hysterical”R2 MAG (5 Stars)


“Sounds like an album Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan might have done if they were starting out today”Irish Post (4/5 Stars)