Hey folks, you can now pre-order my new record that comes out in Canada Apr. 21 and download it on itunes. I am very grateful for all your support, its been some expensive fun making this album, and I am lucky to have such great friends play on it, like Bob Hamilton, Catherine Maclellan, Annie Avery, Fabian Brook, Patrick Hamilton, Aiden Tentrees and Lonnie Powell. I co-wrote some songs on it with Oliver Greer, Rob Mclean and Dr. Bob Hamilton who also produced it, and even covered a Mary Gauthier song “Camelot Hotel“, it’s my favourite record on my learning journey thus far, hope you enjoy it!!

On Apr. 21 Kimberly Sinclair-Spincount, and Sarah French publicity are helping me to deliver this record, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been making it.

Western Canada release dates from Apr. 23-May 11 are now up, joining me will be Jaxon Haldane, former frontman for the infamous Canadian band the D-Rangers, he will be opening all the shows, and joining me on Banjo, Mandolin and Fiddle Saw. He is super talented and a great writer. Get a ticket!

Below is some recent tour footage, as well as some social media links you may want to support, I would not be able to do this without all of you!

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New Video “Somebody’s Child” coming out on new album in 2015! Check out Gordie “live” on Netherlands Radio performing”Death & Dust” & “Farm Boy”