Hey y’all..
Forgive me,  my southern accent is still thick and terrible, as I write this.

Home again, just in time for the first snowfall! Made me want to jump on my ski’s and rip  to the grocery store. Its October here,  after 2 months of concerts and festivals in eastern Canada and the southern US, I feel really happy to stop moving. Although at the same time I feel more grateful and blessed than ever.  So many great nights, with amazing energy and  wonderful support in every town. So many highlights to share, here are a few. In August the Blue Skies festival in Ontario- returning as an adult to perform on the main stage having attended as a kid in the past was magical for me, the reception was one I will never forget. Catching up with many musical friends including Washboard Hank, Rick Fines, and Brock Zeman in concert was a real treat. I played many shows solo which I am really enjoying these days, and also had my good pal Eric Litman join me on guitar as well.  Harbour Nights in Owen Sound and  the Blacksheep in Wakefield, QC were personal faves. I will leave out a small car accident I may have had with a rental, none of it was my fault just ask Brock Zeman, ahem..right Brock!
During the end of Aug I managed to rent a cottage for 2 weeks along with my kids and sweetheart, it was the best soul medicine ever and the start of an August tradition.

In September I flew into OKC to play the Wings & Strings festival, followed by concerts in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, and topped off by the infamous Illionois River Jam, so many amazing songwriters in the south to see for the first time, John Calvin, Wink Burcham, Scott Aycock, John Moreland, Ben Balmer (Josh Flowers your a bad ass) plus old friends like Mark Jungers, Isaac Hoskins and Travis Linville who continue to amaze me. There are musical moments off the stage at festivals that can make a festival extraodinary, Steve Poltz and Adam Carroll swapping songs and spurring each other on,  with a deep appreciation for the song,  around a campfire with about 50 on lookers stunned into silence, was a moment I will never forget. Neither will those lucky enough to be there.

Joining me for most of the dates was Jaxon Haldane on banjo, mandolin and fiddle saw. He sang saweet harmonies, and opened each show so well it made me play better each night. Every time he played the fiddle saw in my mind I caught every jaw that hit the floor,  it was a musical marriage with a side of bromance. He is the bandleader of my favourite Canadian edgy Bluegrass band the D-Rangers and I love the new songs he is writing, look for him.  What a gem of a fella to travel with, we managed to hit 6 barbecue joints in 10 days! (I could live off brisket tacos)  My shows with Jaxon and Mark Jungers at historic Gruene Hall ( the oldest dance hall in Texas where Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett often play), Mucky Duck in Houston, Strange Brew in Austin, topped off by Courvilles in Beaumont Texas were incredible to me. Mark is another songwriter  you must hear. During the last 4 days my  fellow Canadian/American brother Steve Poltz and I shared some dates together, what a treat to have a quality hang with such a talented songwriter and performer, It meant a lot to me, and the challenge of playing with him every night rubbed off in all the right ways. What a spirit of a human, I soaked up every second. Our show at the Blue Door in OKC was off the hook, our dates in Arkansas were filled with beautiful people who shared themselves so well with us.

It had been nearly 3 years since I last went through those parts, nice to play some new venues knowing I will be back again. Many dear friends took real good care of me, in particular Tim & Jenn, and Mark and Joy, I love them. What would I do without the support of folks like Isaac Hoskins, Dana & Andy Jones, Judy & James, Angel & Ajax, Ben & Alycia, Joe & Susan, Donnie & Rich,  Adam & Chris Carroll, Steve Elliot, David Hughes, Randy Kralicek, Travis & Damon, Nancy Paddock, Warren & Sherry,  Greg Johnson, Wayne & Kim Ford and many more..thank you for reminding me of why I ever started down this crazy road in the first place. I love you all. Stay tuned, lots coming up in the future, a brand new album with tours down every road, hope to see you down them!

Below is some recent tour footage, as well as some social media links you may want to support, I would not be able to do this without all of you!

New Video “Somebody’s Child” coming out on new album in 2015!

Check out Gordie “live” on Netherlands Radio performing”Death & Dust” & “Farm Boy”